The Hidden Challenges of Remote Work; Why it is Not Always a Bed of Roses

The world is constantly evolving, and to gain momentum in this ever-revolutionizing world, the constant pressure to cope with the rising tension can be a daunting task.  And one can easily succumb to this dilemma. Considering Remote Working how daily you have to stay updated. 

To gain success here, all you have to do is devote your days and nights to a certain field, to prosper, and meet the daily expenses of your life. This cycle keeps us all engaged in the neverending loop. 

The hustles and bustles of life can easily drain you. This relentless struggle of the 9-5 grind has taken a toll on almost every other person. Over the centuries, people who get tired of juggling work and intimate life wanted to have a pause and escape from it. 

But the notion seemed to be almost impossible. The thought was forbidden. But technology has grown tremendously over time. And now, since after the pandemic, the idea of working from home has become possible. This itself is a dream for workaholics that came true. 

Opening a doorway for many, to work from the comfort of their home. Where the idea once was considered an unapproved thing from the managerial side, it is now widely being applied. The flexibility and the innovations that come with it are palpable and great indeed. 

But do you ever give this an introspection that, is it all gold and glitters? And working from home can be just a relaxation and nothing else? Then you might need to reconsider your thoughts. 

Therefore, if the notion of remote work allures you and you are opting for it, then first go through this blog and ensure that you are willing to partake in the downsides as well or should you stay onsite. 

Working or Pretending 

The first and foremost problem that comes complimentary with remote working is that no one believes that you are working. You indeed have the freedom and liberty to roam around, and do other activities simultaneously. Like watching your favorite shows and movies. Especially when platforms like Hulu are giving you an ample dose of entertainment. 

So, if you are wondering How you Can Watch Hulu in Estonia, then simply opt for a VPN. which may even help you in your tasks. 

Even though you work, the CEO and most of the managers have stated in a survey that they don’t recognize remote working as genuine work. Even Elon Musk gave a similar statement and immediately called back all the remote workers of Tesla onsite. Saying they can either come back and pretend to work somewhere else. 

Moreover, due to this thinking, managers consider it simpler to fire remote workers and replace them with onsite workers. This means the value of remote workers is comparatively way less than that of onsite workers.  


We are living in an age where almost every work has the potential to be done from home. The possibilities are endless and you can perform a myriad of work from the cozy confines. But here this perk may make you forget that human beings are a species that needs social connection and bond. 

How long can you survive without talking? Well, only for a short time. Talking is not just related to amusement, also it is vital to keeping the brainstorming flooded. And the creative mind flourishes under discussions and exchange of ideas. As you all know, two heads are better than one. 

Reduction of Mental and Physical Health 

When you work from home, it is a usual feeling that you can suffer from feelings of loneliness and isolation. As you are working all alone, distant from your colleagues and any social interaction. Thus spending time this way, you may fall for depression. Your physical health can also take a toll. 

Moreover, as you don’t have to go outside and meet with people, therefore, you don’t bother to dress up and maintain your hygiene. Leaving you all in a condition that makes you even more miserable. 

Decline in Productivity

Working remotely can show you all the positive and desired impact on your work and professional life from the start. But as you start to suit yourself and feel comfortable while doing so. You will sense the overwhelming feeling of lethargy and laziness. 

This can be a result of all the above-mentioned reasons. Because like any other activity, your productivity also has a block. That requires you to go the extra mile to break the static situation. 

Living Cost Bombards

When you work from home, then one of the major drawbacks is that you have to pay for your expenses. Not that you are not saving enough for the commute expense. But all day long when you use your electricity to work on your computer, you are going to fuel up your electricity bills. 

Further, you are going to manage all the stationary expenses as well. And how can we forget the medical expenses that you could have covered, if you were an on-site employee. 

Wrapping Up 

Working from home comes with a lot of benefits that are indeed vital for the well-being of a person. However, adopting this for a longer period can drastically impact your career and your mental and physical health. 

Therefore, to leave the thing for several benefits is not a profitable deal.

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