Will Nigeria ever get better? Let’s find out.

This is one question Nigerians have been asking for a very long time. Others even went further to ask… Will Nigeria ever be better than America? or Will Nigeria one day be like USA?

What do you think is the answer to these questions ????

We all know Nigeria gained independence 1st of October 1960 and From what we understand, cost of living, etc was 4 times better then than what it is today.

So what happened along the line?

Here’s what someone said about this and I quote “Nigeria was never great, we went from isolated ethnic groups directly to colonialism then to independence then to military coup then to a bloody civil war then to more military coup then to election crisis then to handing power back to civilians then to boko haram and militants”

But the truth is, life as we know it was better then than now, there were jobs for graduates, things were cheap, children happily went to school because things were easy and there was this assurance of getting a good job at the end of the day, the poor breathed.

What’s happening now is actually the opposite of what was before. We blame the government for everything but we all have contributed one way and another to how things have slowly become. Talking about politics, from 1960 till date it’s been either PDP or APC and we’ve been going down this whole time. Did you know that at a point in history precisely in 1983, $1 was equal to 0.894 Naira? .. This is the number one reason we were called Giant of Africa in the first place.

The United States declared independence on July 4th, 1776, landed on the moon on July 20th, 1969 (exactly 193 years later)…. That’s 9 years after Nigeria gained Independence then 14 years later $1 was equal to 0.894 NGN. I’m sure they must have been pissed because judging by the rates, this meant we had the economic power to go to the moon as they did.

So This is more than just a national issue it’s an international issue whether we like it or not.. The American Government and Europe will always be friends or play cool with us as long as the Naira continues to go down. It’s like a slap on their faces seeing that the Naira a black owned currency is above the Dollar and that in such a short time frame, We who were (are) seen as slaves, inferior and even called animals at the time was moving up so fast. (that’s where Racism comes in even to this very day and will continue if we don’t wake up)

Note: American citizens away from their homeland (or mainland) are treated with some respect.. why?… Because everyone knows what their Government is Capable of.. But Nigerians around the world are treated as shit.. even though you know your way around, they’ll make sure they make you forget home.. why?.. because they know where Nigeria is coming from… If they give us the slightest chance to go back to that era, we will do alot in a very short time… This is one reason why Nigerians abroad won’t want to come home.. the total freedom abroad is not there but the benefits from work, etc is mind blowing hereby shutting their minds off from home.

It won’t be out of place if we say that these Western Countries and the European Union may have promised our leaders breathing spaces in their lands if the naira keeps going down in Value. This is where corruption comes in.

It’s almost as if Nigerian politicians are untouchable. We believe they’re being protected by eyes outside the nation.The Government is corrupt I agree and like I’ve said before we have all contributed to the downfall of our nation from the beginning. What is a dream without sponsors? What is an idea without funding?

Nigeria has people with talents, gifts, ideas, etc.. but so long the Government is not interested then Nobody is interested and we’ll only see it online that a Nigerian created something and it ends there. Going Abroad, we can see that most of these big firms and industries we envy and wish to even work for relied on either government funds or private sponsorships, investors or donors to get their ideas to limelight. An example is ChatGPT owned by OpenAI. They got alot of donors and investors during their development stage which has brought them to where they are now as one of the best in the world. But here in Nigeria no one cares. Things will only get better when we learn to take risks or Invest in the impossible, etc.

Election seasons has now become an opportunity to further deceive Nigerians in the name of free and fair elections.. And when things don’t go as we had hoped, those who go to church will end up saying.. it’s the will of God… God knows why it’s like this.. God knows better.. some will say it’s better to hope and believe than to take laws into one’s hands… But Sorry to say, the only way to end corruption in the government is to get rid of all politicians and their aids in the act… By that I mean wiping all of them from the face of the earth (even if it’s someone you know) and then we start all over again. I say this because from the look of things if these people remain alive, we’ll continue to go down. Even the Israel of today goes to War and are ready to take on anything that stands against their rights and freedom.

For the Christians out there… There’s a time to pray with faith and then hope.

There’s a time to fight.. as did David when he killed Golliath..

As Israel Marched on the City of Jericho – Joshua 6…

As Joshua Leads Israel against the Five Amorite Kings – Joshua 10 (Deut 9:5) ..

As King Jabin of Hazor with a Great Army Opposes Joshua and Israel – Joshua 11

As Israel Opposes the Midianites and Moabites – Numbers 31:1–11

As The Israelites Fight Back against the Amalekites – Exodus 17:8–16

There’s a time to just watch God do his thing.. as God parted the red sea and closed it up again killing pharoh’s soldiers.

There’s a time to run .. as Joseph and Mary did fleeing from King Herod to Egypt…

From what we see, it seems there were no idle moments since Israel came into existence… They always went to war… So why should we forbid holding a knife, forbid defending ourselves, or fighting for our rights??

Whether we believe it or not, Now is not the time to pray, or hope, now is not the time to run, Now is the time to stand up and fight for our rights and Make sure we win by any means possible.

Just so you know, the America we wish to be like was over 60% christian when they started dropping Bombs everywhere… So if we really want Nigeria to become like America of old, then we should be willing to shut down corruption and evil no matter the cost.

The Nigerian Federal Government recently cracked down on illegal oil refineries in the nation… Seriously?? In a developing nation??? Right now we need all the local refineries we can get if that’ll help reduce or stop refining our oil abroad and selling it back to us at high rates.. What we thought they would do Is to license these illegal refineries and make them openly operate large scale.. But No.. We have a government fighting against its own progress.

Nigeria is blessed with Various mineral resources like crude oil and lithium. Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc as we know it are gotten from crude oil. Then the major raw material needed to produce the current generation of batteries for Mobile Phones and Electric vehicles, (EV’s) is Lithium hence the name Li-ion battery and Nigeria has lithium in abundance. Which brings us to Education.

Our educational system has crumbled why? Our own answer to this is that we’ve been decieved by the people we think we’re copying.

Note: this statement above is not to cause hatred but to tell us that we need to wake up.

Ever since secondary school days, we’ve been mostly looking for ‘X’ and never how does ‘X’ apply to real life keeping us in a loop. It’s as if we’re being taught to pass exams instead of being taught how to solve life’s problems from our various fields. You can rephrase by saying that the entire system now is such that children, students only read to pass exams But not study to solve life’s problems from our various fields of study. To the extent that every parent wants a tailor, etc in the house..(not bad) But assuming every house In a community has a tailor, how would each of them make money from tailoring??

It seems our educational system is 20 years late because we’re copying and teaching what the white man wants us to copy.

The moment we all decide to write our own syllabus, following what’s happening around the world today, then we’ll grow. Which brings us to raw materials needed to grow a nations industry.

Like I’ve said Nigeria is blessed with Various Natural resources and the land is also very fertile for mass crop production. Instead of relying on an educational system that is like a loop, we can go from looking for ‘X’ to looking deeply for how stuff really works…. For instance we can build a powerful alternator with just a coil and a magnet without the need for brushes but nobody wants all that…. If it’s not having carbon brushes then it’s not going to be effective which is false. If we can grow our educational system internally without blindly copying what the white man wants us to see then we’ll grow the production sector of the economy. Which brings us to our Taste.

Nigerians and their wants and how they want it can be something else, I want Brazilian made, Dubai made, china made, US made, UK made and so on .. Nobody wants Nigerian made and that’s another problem that will hinder the growth of the economy.. Even if we have all the firms producing goods internally, we’ll still want to buy stuff abroad.. How are we going to grow??.. The more we purchase or clamour for internally made goods the more capital these firms will have to upgrade where necessary and even export abroad.. For us to grow we need to change or work on our Taste.. ordering everything from overseas will only make the white man’s economy boom and crumble ours.

Terrorism is another thing. Currently, terrorism is currently tied to a Nation’s Governance and the Military in Nigeria. What I mean is the entire system has been compromised.. another way you might want to put is, the ‘Government’ is the terrorist and just like I’ve said they all need to go down one way or another for us to come out and shine.

Another thing most Nigerians are lacking is how to show love to each other. The times are tough and we should try and understand each other instead of trying to manipulate each other or try to bring ourselves down. We should learn to be united irrespective of race and religious beliefs.

So when will Nigeria be better? I’m sure right now you can answer that question based on what you’ve just read.


Everything written here is based on observations of a collective group of persons based on current happenings in the nation and honestly, it’s time we wake up and act accordingly if we still want to grow, if we don’t want the labour of our heroes past be in vain.

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